Today your practice of feminist literary criticism was due.

We learned about psychological literary criticism today. Please see the attached notes.

Your assignment is to read "The Rocking Horse Winner." This is on page 1310 of the green book, or follow the link to an online copy. Then, write a 1.5-2-page response that analyzes "The Rocking Horse Winner" as read through a psychological criticism lens. Again, see the notes for more information. This is due Friday.

You also need to read 1984 at least through page 260 - finish the book if possible. As soon as you have finished the book, I will give you the prompt for your essay assignment - the earlier you finish the book, the more time you have to write your essay! The essay is due on May 17 and may not be accepted late.

Yesterday I attached the study guide for the final exam...
Psych Lit Crit Notes
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