Today we are watching the first half of Dead Poets Society, a movie that references some of the literature recently read in this class as well as literature read in American Lit (English 5/6). As we watch, we are going to be making connections between these two eras, our own lives, our futures, and our educations. 

If you were absent, you will need to try to find a copy of this movie and watch the part that you missed. I rented mine at Hastings; you can often buy it inexpensively at Walmart or other stores, and it should be available on Netflix. 

If you did not receive your viewing guide, or if you lost your copy, you can download it below. This guide includes an essay question and will be a significant grade - please don't neglect to do this project! 
DPS Viewing Guide
File Size: 92 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File



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