NOTE: Your first Popcorn Points response is due on Thursday. The Bakerplex will be showing Breakfast at Tiffany's after school on Wednesday, Sept. 21; you are welcome to come watch with popcorn, friends, etc. For more information about what your response should entail, read the handout available on the Popcorn Points page.

Today we began learning about Arthurian legend and the symbolism/archetypes wrapped up within those stories. If you were absent, you missed a lecture about the basic Arthurian legend, as well as a few notes, before we worked on the assignment. These lecture notes are going to be critical for you, so please get them from a peer or me and read over them.

The assignment is to read "Le Morte d'Arthur" on page 208 in the green book, and to complete a detail/significance chart. You should wait to do the third column until you have finished reading the piece. The instructions for the chart are found in the attachment.
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