Your Dead Poets Society packet and essay were due today. This is a MAJOR grade - make sure to get it turned in.

We have a test on Thursday; please download a copy of the study guide if you didn't receive one in class.

Today we did a quick overview of John Milton. Please see the attached notes. We read a section of Paradise Lost (available online at - read up to line 270 - "what more lost in Hell?") and answered the following questions over the reading:

1. What in Milton's description of Hell do you find most vivid? Explain.
4. Lines 34-53 tell of another, earlier fall from grace. (a) Who fell that earlier time? (b) What caused that earlier fall?
5. Lines 59-74 describe Hell. What are its main features?
6. In lines 84-155, Satan addresses Beelzebub and speaks of eternal rebellion and war against God. (a) What are his motives for continuing the war? (b) Explain Beelzebub's advice.
7. From lines 193 to 209, Milton describes the size of Satan. To what creatures is Satan compared?
9. In what ways are the Fall of Adam and Eve paralleled by the Fall of Satan and his cohorts? Point out the parallels in the poem.
10. Between lines 200 and 208, Milton uses an epic simile in which he compares Satan to the sea beast Leviathan. How does Milton convey the huge size of Leviathan?
13. The eighteenth-century poet William Blake said "Milton was of the Devil's party." What do you think this statement means? Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement. Find evidence from the poem to support your answer.

Below, please find the attached notes, the study guide, and a document that might prove helpful to you as you read. The helpful document does not cover ALL of the Paradise Lost excerpt, but it is a start.
Study Guide
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Milton Notes
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May be helpful...
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