Your dictionary entries were due today.

Today we transitioned from the Restoration period into the Romantic period, taking notes on this time period and its literature, and on William Blake. We watched a slide show of Blake's artwork, read two of his most famous poems, and then began work on our own Blake-like poems. Please see the attached notes for the reading assignment.

For Friday, please do the following:

1. Pick two opposing symbols in the world (for example, fire vs. water) and know what you think those symbols represent.
2. Write two 8-line poems. Each poem should represent one of the two opposites and should illustrate the theme represented by that symbol. They must have a rigid rhyme scheme to create the lyrical "nursery rhyme" feel of Blake's poetry.
3. Make a poster (at least 8.5x11 - bigger is good!) that includes the two poems, placed side by side, and illustrations. Artistically illustrate your concept of the symbols/themes, just like Blake. 

Below are some examples of this assignment.

Your short satire is due Wednesday.
Notes and Reading Assignment
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