Attached below is your study guide for the final exam!

Today your practice of Marxist literary criticism was due.

We learned about feminist literary criticism today. Please see the attached notes.

Your assignment is to read "A Room of One's Own" for an introduction to one of the pioneering voices in feminist criticism, and then to read "The Doll's House." Then, write a one-page response that analyzes "The Doll's House" as read through a feminist criticism lens. Again, see the notes for more information. This is due Wednesday.

You need to read 1984 through page 224 (finish part 2) for Wednesday as well.

FINALLY! There is an extra credit opportunity! The attached file ("Geography") is a close reading/map activity from 1984. You can turn it in next week for extra credit. I am also still accepting photographs of you reading a favorite thing in a favorite place, if you didn't already turn one in.
Feminist Lit Crit Notes
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Geography - Extra Credit
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Senior Final Study Guide
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