Today we took some notes about Ralph Waldo Emerson and Romanticism. These are VERY IMPORTANT NOTES and it's critical that you get them if you were absent. I have attached the slide handout below but you'll want to talk to a trusted classmate to make sure that there wasn't anything important added "between slides"!

Following this, we broke into groups of four and read five paragraphs from Emerson's "Self Reliance," found in your orange book on page 245. For each paragraph, we wrote down the "essential truth(s)" that Emerson was trying to convey in the paragraph, along with our favorite quote from that paragraph. Then we chose our favorite of the five quotes and made an illustrated quotation poster. If you were absent, you will need to do this yourself; a regular sheet of blank printer paper will be fine for the poster.

The closing activity was to begin making a Transcendental Bookmark. You will need to get your cardstock bookmark from me. On one side of your piece of cardstock (you will be putting something else on the other side!) make a bookmark with a favorite quotation from “Self Reliance.” Write neatly and feel free to decorate appropriately. Make this look nice – after we finish with the entire bookmark, we’ll laminate them and you’ll get it back to use! Please have this complete by the beginning of next class.

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