I had a substitute today due to illness.

Today, please read pages 318-319 and TAKE NOTES on Edgar Allan Poe. You will be accountable for knowing about him on the final.

Following this, please turn to page 360 and read "The Raven." As you read, answer the following questions:

1. What two things can the Raven symbolize in literature or in folklore?
2. What is the setting for the poem?
3. What is the man doing when he begins to hear something in his room?
4. Why is the man sad?
5. Who is Lenore?
6. Who is at the door originally?
7. Where does the Raven finally appear?
8. What does the man ask the Raven?
9. Please list three difference examples of alliteration from the poem.
10. Please list three different examples of onomatopoeia from the poem.
11. Please list your three favorite examples of rhyme from the poem.

Following this, please turn to page 345 and begin reading "The Pit and the Pendulum." We will finish reading and discussing this on Monday, December 12.


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