Today we took some notes about Thoreau and then read excerpts from his book Walden. (Notes are attached below.) Following this, we completed our bookmarks (see below for information) and I provided an extra credit opportunity, to be completed over Thanksgiving break.

Thoreau Assignment

Pick your favorite of the Thoreau quotations and add it to your Transcendental bookmark (on the back side). Remember to decorate it with significance. Avoid crayons… Due Monay, 11/21, or today if you get it finished.

Extra Credit Opportunity

Take a Thoreau or Emerson quote that was meaningful to you and create a quote-memento. This could be a piece of art, t-shirt, bumper sticker, jewelry, desktop background/screensaver, etc. To be worth extra credit points, it must be aesthetically pleasing and demonstrate considerable effort. (In other words, pencil on notebook paper does not count, nor do stick figures and scribbled writing – this needs to be quality.) This will be due Monday, Nov. 28.

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