AERP proposals were due today - if you didn't turn one in, do so ASAP! Also, extra credit is still acceptable.

Today we reviewed Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman.

Following this, we talked about WHO was headed West so that we can read the literature of that movement. I showed you a slide show of a LOT of pictures and talked about the many different American Characters and their roles in westward expansion. IF YOU WERE ABSENT, please take the time to find a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint so that you can watch the attached slideshow. It will take you a little while, but you need the visuals in your mind in order to complete this assignment. (You can always come to my room and use the extra computer.)

Your assignment is:
 - Draw a picture that represents the multi-faceted American Character of the westward expansion.
 - Your picture can be realistic, symbolic, cartoon-style, etc...... your choice.
 - Picture should be colored or "B&W photo" quality (shaded). IMPRESS ME.
 - Picture should represent some or all of the following: miners, cowboys/Irish, freed slaves, Chinese immigrants, covered wagon settlers, Union soldiers, Confederate soldiers, women, American Indians
 - Do your best - I won't laugh at or grade down your artistic abilities, only your lack of effort.

This is due MONDAY when we return from the weekend. Again, please see attached for real photographs that will help you.
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