Today, after doing some practice SAT questions, we talked about chapters 7 & 8 of The Great Gatsby and our reactions to the way that the book was ending.

Some important announcements:
The Gatsby notebook will be due MONDAY, MARCH 12 instead of this week. This means you have a 3-day weekend to complete it.
There will be a test over The Great Gatsby on Wednesday, March 14.

Following this, we went to the computer lab. Please open the document below to see instructions on the Point-of-View Rewrite and the Topic Tracking assignment, as well as some other resources.

The chapter 9 Reading Guide is available below as well.
Instructions for Today
File Size: 46 kb
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File Size: 67 kb
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Chapter 9 Reading Guide - editable
File Size: 33 kb
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Download File



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