American Character illustrations were due today.

Today we took notes on Mark Twain (see attached) and read one of his earliest works, "The Celebrating Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

Your assignment is to write a story about a competition using vernacular:

1.       Come up with some sort of contest or competition with which you are familiar. (Sporting events? Games? Challenges between siblings? Performances/pageants?)

2.       Choose a setting for your contest – and, through your choice of setting, the vernacular that will be used. This could be a regional vernacular (the drawl of the deep south, the particular slang of Australia, etc.) or a cultural vernacular (Valley Girl, gaming speak/shorthand, etc.). Make sure that it is a vernacular that you can convey in writing.

3.       Write a short story in the style of “The Celebrated Jumping Frog.” Your story should tell about a contest, and it should convey vernacular through dialogue. Humor is certainly encouraged! HOWEVER, remember that this is a school assignment; be careful not to trip on the line between “funny” and “offensive/prejudicial” and fall on your face.

4.       You will have two weeks to work on this; submit a polished version (typed, titled, no errors) on Thursday, February 2.

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