Today we continued studying Native American voices and issues through the work of contemporary author Sherman Alexie.

Due today: Creation Myth

We began with a quick write (like a journal entry):
How would you define poverty? What is the most poverty-stricken place you have visited? What things (physical, emotional, etc.) stand out in areas of extreme hardship? What do you think a person has to do in order to escape growing up in extreme poverty and have a different life as an adult?

Please see attached PDF document for the slides/notes from today.
The attached Word document includes the readings from today.

Your assignment is to consider Alexie's poetry in terms of what you learned about his life and the American Indian experience, and to write a three-paragraph response in which you consider his voice, abilities, impressions, imagery, and use of theme/paradox/allusions, as seen in his poetic works. This is due at the beginning of next class period.
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