Today your viewing guides were due. (4A and 1B will finish the movie in class.)

Today's lesson dealt with primary source documents from the time period of Romeo and Juliet, and with comparing marriage customs from that time period with our idea of how love/marriage ought to work today. We worked with partners to complete this activity; if you were absent, you can complete it individually by downloading the files below, and following these instructions:

  1. Read Document #1: Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiasticall. In order to read this, you'll need to know that printing and spelling have changed in the past 400 years. Often, an f = s, u = v (and vice versa) and sometimes an i = j. 
  2. Read Document #2: Historical Background of Marriage Customs.
  3. Fill out the Marriage Customs Worksheet:
  • In the 1st column: read the law or rule
  • In the 2nd column: what, or who, in R&J does this quotation remind you of? Where can you see that this law or rule is followed or believed in? Be specific! There may be multiple angles to consider.
  • In the 3rd column: What do we believe/do about this subject today? Again, be specific… 

This was due at the end of class.
Document #1: Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiasticall
File Size: 589 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Document #2: Historical Background of Marriage Customs
File Size: 128 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Marriage Customs Worksheet
File Size: 390 kb
File Type: pdf
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