Today's journal entry was, How do you know if a romantic relationship is healthy or unhealthy? What are the "red flags" -- when should a person get out of a relationship? Are you and your peers -- at age 14-16 -- old enough to know what a true love relationship looks like? Why or why not?

The first thing we did today was to take some notes about the setting and characters in Romeo and Juliet. You can download those notes below; remember that you will want to keep all notes in your journal for use on open-note quizzes/tests. 

Following this, we did an activity centered around the Prologue from Romeo and Juliet

Please note: If you previously received a 0 for your Journal Check, you can regain 30 of those points by having your journal in the bin by the end of 1B on January 31. 
R&J Intro Notes
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