If you hadn't already turned them in, your syllabus signatures and your collage/explanations were due today.

You need to make sure that you have your composition notebook for next class!

Today as a class, we read a short story called "The Sniper," which is found on page 10 of your textbook. As we read, we looked at the annotations (markings) that helped guide our reading of the story. 

Following this, we began reading "The Most Dangerous Game," which begins on page 19 of your textbook (or click the title to download a PDF of the story). You will not finish reading this in class, because as you read you will be stopping frequently to answer questions. These questions are designed to help guide you in your reading, so you need to do them AS YOU READ and not after you finish the story. 

The questions that you should be answering are listed here (click link to open).

You will be given class next time we meet to complete this assignment; however, if you were absent, you will want to do the first half before returning to class so that you're not behind.

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