Today's journal entry is, Consider Romeo’s relationship with Rosaline. How is it healthy/unhealthy? Consider Paris’s relationship with Juliet. How is it healthy/ unhealthy? Is there such a thing as a healthy crush (or a healthy “unrequited love”)? Is Benvolio’s plan for Romeo a healthy way to “cure a broken heart”? Why or why not?

Following this, we watched video for what we read last time; the video clips are available below.

Today we read Act I, Scenes 4-5. Our ticket out of the door (assignment) was to answer questions 1-4 and 8 on page 840 IN COMPLETE SENTENCES. This was due in class.

If you were absent, please read and do the questions by downloading the PDFs below.
Act I Scene 4
File Size: 361 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Act I Scene 5
File Size: 452 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Assignment - p 840
File Size: 105 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File


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