Today's journal entry was What would you do if your family disappoved of the person you loved (or your best friend)? How important is your family's opinion when making big decisions?

We started off today by taking an opinionnaire about love and relationships. If you were absent, please download a copy of the opinionnaire below, fill it out, and bring it to class. 

Afterward, we began reading Romeo and Juliet. We assigned roles and read out loud with discussion. If you were absent, you can read Act I Scene 1 (pages 807-817) in your at-home textbook, or you can download it below. You will want to be caught up on the reading before next class -- we will keep moving forward!

BY THE WAY: Please, oh please, be here whenever possible. Shakespeare is tough to read, especially on your own. I am walking us through it and "translating" it as we go. If you are gone, you miss out on the benefit of that explanation and are likely to miss key points that are obscured behind the unfamiliar language and style. 
Act I Scene 1
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