Your daily homework for chapters 10-13 were due today.

Today's journal entry was, What is the significance of the novel’s title? (It’s a metaphor!) Who do you think – from what you know so far – is the “mockingbird” of the book? (There’s more than one right answer!) Defend your answer(s).

Today, after reviewing for and taking the Chapter 10-13 quiz, we worked on the Someone Else's Shoes assignment. You will pick a scene from the book – any scene you’ve read so far - and rewrite that scene from a different point of view (NOT Scout’s). 
  • Stay true to the details of the scene
  • Change perspective, inner dialogue and narration due to your narrator’s personality and their situation to the story. 
  • At least two LONG paragraphs long – don’t be lazy! The “bare minimum” will get a “bare minimum” grade!
  • Will be scored on accuracy, grammar, spelling, and effort/length.

Your reading assignment is chapters 14-17.


04/11/2013 5:27pm



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