Your daily homework for chapters 5-9 was due today.

Today's journal entry was, Author Harper Lee uses a very offensive word in her novel when some characters talk about black people in TKAM. Why do you think she does this in a book written for young readers? What is the purpose of her choice? What do you think about it?

We reviewed the reading and took a quiz over chapters 5-9 today. Following this, we worked on our Finch Family Trees. 

  • Do this on a blank sheet of printer paper
  • Start with Simon at the top (we don’t know how many generations are between his and Atticus’s, but that’s okay)
  • Find its way down to “Scout” and “Jem”
  • Use FULL NAMES, not just nicknames
  • Should be colored, clearly labeled, accurate – and have at least 12 people on it 
  • You will be scored on accuracy, full names please, and appearance.

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