Today we took a quiz over chapters 1-4. 

Following this, you began work on a Map of Maycomb that will be submitted in your TKAM notebook. The instructions for this project are:
  • Create your map on a sheet of unlined printer paper (ask Baker if you need one)
  • Needs to be in color
  • Use clues from the text (especially Chapter 1) to figure out where different landmarks are in relationship to Scout's house
  • Landmarks to include: Scout's house, the Radley house, Mrs. Dubose's house, Miss Rachel's house, school, courthhouse, churches, etc.....
  • There ARE some right answers (we know who the Finches' next-door neighbor is, for example) but some of this will require critical thinking and creativity. Every map will look slightly different -- that's okay!
  • Use the full sheet of paper; don't make a miniature map.

Your reading assignment is to read chapters 5-9 of TKAM, doing daily homework for each chapter.

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