Today's journal entry was WITHOUT NAMING ANY NAMES, what do you want in a major political leader (say, President)? What personality traits would you want this person to have? What positions/opinions would you like him or her to hold? (This is a hypothetical “perfect candidate” – don’t describe anyone who is currently or recently running.)

Following this, we worked with a partner to accomplish the following task:
Imagine that you are an investigator or detective, and you have reason to believe that someone is actually a robot.
Using Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics (see your notes) devise a plan to prove whether or not this person is a robot.
     -You may not physically harm the person.
     -You may not request fluid/tissue/DNA samples.
     -You cannot assume that the person will tell the truth.
Write down your plan on the right-side page.

Following this, we read another chapter of I, Robot, called "Evidence." This story tells about someone who is running for a major political office... who may or may not actually be human. This was located on page 37 of your textbook, or you can download and read it below. PLEASE NOTE: There is an error in the textbook. Pages 40 and 41 have been swapped. Be aware of this as you read.

File Size: 177 kb
File Type: pdf
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