Saw this -- had to share as we wrap up "Sergeant Chip"!
Your questions over "Sergeant Chip" are due today.

Today's vocab words were extraterrestrial and alien (be sure to get the accurate definitions) and the journal entry was You have been informed, by “someone who knows,” that there are extraterrestrial aliens among us here at Columbia High School. Based on your own speculation, who do you think the aliens are? Have fun, and come up with “evidence”!

We discussed examples of aliens who can pass for terrestrial in sci fi and then watched the following two clips from Men in Black.
Following this, we read Neil Gaiman's "How to Talk to Girls at Parties" (click on title to download). 

The men of Earth need your help! Please write a piece that gives them advice on how to date extraterrestrial women. Some ideas include a survival guide, magazine article ("Top Ten Tips for Dating ET!"), advice column, trifold brochure/short booklet, poster, radio/TV show segment. 

The length of your piece will depend on its format; please put good effort and fun creativity into this. Have fun, take inspiration from the story, but also feel free to add from your own imagination or other sci fi references.

We will have some class time on Thursday to complete this, but it will be due by the end of class on that day.

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