Today's vocabulary words were indefatigable, speculative, and science fiction. Please check with a classmate to get information about the definitions and examples for these words. You will need GOOD accurate definitions of "speculative" and "science fiction" throughout this class.

Following this, we went to the computer lab to read and examine a text that has been called an example of proto science fiction (where "proto" means "the thing that led up to" or "early"). Some of us have read the original version of this story, and so today's reading may have been a review; in any case, it is a different format, which sometimes leads to different interpretation. Please read the following story and answer the analytical questions. NOTE: The questions expect you to have and defend an opinion.
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Questions - Please response with a paragraph for each question. You may write by hand, or type and submit to my Inbox (ask for help if needed). Please do not print without asking first. This is homework if not completed in class.

1. How does (or doesn't) this story fit in with our definition of science fiction?

2. What are some of the elements of this story that we see in modern science fiction?

3. Is the monster "human" (literally)? Why or why not?

4. Is the monster "human" (spiritually/psychologically/behaviorally)? Why or why not?

5. Keeping your answer to #4 in mind... is the doctor "human" (spiritually/psychologically/behaviorally)? Between the doctor and the monster, who is the better "person"? Why?

6. What seems to be the message or moral of this story? Can you think of any modern science fiction examples that have a similar message?

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