Today we finished reading "Evidence" and then turned to our interactive notebooks to do the following:

1. DRAFT your own definition of humanity 
     - Remember: humanity as a characteristic someone/something possesses, NOT as a species
     - Consider our prior discussions about humane/inhumane
     - You will be allowed (encouraged) to revise your definition

2. Do you think that humanity is...
     - binary (either you have it or you don't)
     - a spectrum (like a sliding scale)
     - On its own page, create a visual representation of this -- a T-chart, a spectrum/number line, etc.

3. Place characters on the chart/spectrum, including:
     - Robbie
     - Steven Byerly
     - Frankenstein's monster
     - the important human characters from the other readings we've done so far (Nemo, etc.)
     - Be prepared to defend your placements!

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