Today your advice articles/columns/etc. for Earth Men dating Alien Women were due.

We got some important terms today; PLEASE make sure these are in your interactive notebooks:

hard sci fi: focuses on science
soft sci fi: focuses on people, relationships
social sci fi: focuses on society

time travel: movnig forward/backward in time (time machines, etc.)
alternative history: imagines what would have happened if historical events were changed (ex: What if Hitler had won? What if there had never been slavery? What if America had never been settled by Europeans?)
steampunk: a form of alternative history, usually in the 1800s, usually in Victorian England or the American Wild West, where steam power meets high tech (steam-powered robots, zeppelins, clockwork, gears, top hats, etc.)

apocalyptic: focuses on the end of the world (Day After Tomorrow)
post-apocalyptic: focuses on what happens AFTER the end of the world (Book of Eli)

NOTE: "end of the world" means the end of civilization, not the destruction of the planet and complete extinction

dystopian: takes place in a messed-up, unjust society

NOTE: You'll often find stories that are both apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic. You'll also find many stories, like The Hunger Games, that are both post-apocalyptic and dystopian.

space opera: exotic settings, big adventure, larger-than-life characters -- the sci fi equivalent of a soap opera (think Star Wars)
space Western: traveling through space "conquering" and exploring it, like the exploration of the Wild West (think Star Trek)
colonization: traveling to and trying to survive on an uncivilized planet -- political subtext (colonists as invaders)

military sci fi: focuses on war/fighting in a sci fi setting

biopunk: technical advances to biological life and/or medical sci fi (mutations, etc.)
cyberpunk: focuses on computers/internet/artificial intelligence, digital world (Tron, Matrix)

mundane sci fi: very realistic, could happen today -- just takes existing tech/situations and pushes them a tiny bit, asks "what if" (Contagion, Day After Tomorrow)

comic sci fi: uses sci fi as a medium for writing humor; ofetn absurdist (Men in Black)
gothic sci fi: uses sci fi as a medium for writing horror (I Am Legend)

superhero: human characters with extraordinary powers (Batman and Ironman are cyberpunk superhero lit; Spiderman and the X-Men are biopunk superhero lit)

Finally, we did a Literary Speed Date to try to find our books for the next reading unit. If you were absent, please see as soon as possible so that you can get your request in.

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