Your "what I'd take with me" stories (inspired by the Magic Spider story) were due today in draft form.

Today's journal entry was Disney movies often have sentient animals with personalities. Fantasy stories often have non-human characters (fairies, monsters, etc.) that act much like humans with a different body type. Sci fi often has aliens – some of which are very human-like, and some of which are not at all. Meanwhile, we have all heard stories of actual human beings who do inhumanly awful things. What makes a character “human” (other than genetics)? How do we define personhood? Could a non-human character be more “human” than a human who acts in inhuman ways? Think on paper.

Instead of the regular vocab word, today we had three words that we looked at to compare their meanings. Those words were humane, humanity, and inhuman. PLEASE take the time to talk to a classmate about what we said about these words -- this is the foundation of our entire class and is CRITICAL information for the rest of the semester. Following this, we looked at and discussed a wide variety of science fiction aliens, robots, and human-like animal characters and discussed whether they possessed humanity. We also discussed sociopathy and whether, by definition, a sociopath possessed humanity.

In the final twenty minutes of class, we shared our "what I'd take with me" stories.

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