Today you are assigned your first short essay for Survey of Science Fiction.

Choose any of the four stories (Frankenstein, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The War of the Worlds) and write an essay addressing the following:

Why every fan of science fiction should read _____.

Your essay MUST state the title (correctly formatted, please) and the author of the piece.
It MAY include critical biographical information about the author.
It MUST include specific examples from the text and connections from the text to the world and to the genre. (In other words... what influence did this story have on the world? on science fiction/literature?)
You MAY also consider warnings/lessons we should learn from these stories, etc..
You should avoid writing in the first or second person, and should also avoid the use of contractions.

You do not have to cite examples from the story UNLESS you use a direct quotation. If you use any outside sources, you must parenthetically cite them and include a Works Cited page. (Citation Machine or the Purdue OWL can help you if you've forgotten how.)

Part of your grade on this paper will be for carefully following instructions and meeting all requirements!

- typed in size 12 Times New Roman
- doublespaced
- one inch margin all the way around
- MLA header (Your Name, Teacher's Name, Class Period, Date) in top left corner
- title (centered, no extra formatting)
- NO LESS THAN 1.5 pages long
- NO MORE THAN 2 pages long (yes, this is an exercise in concision and revision!)
- clearly organized, multiple-paragraph essay response with appropriate language for academic writing
- spell-checked
- saved as "Lastname Early Sci Fi" and copied into my Inbox (ask for help if needed) or emailed to me AS AN ATTACHMENT
- due by end of day, Tuesday, September 18

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