First, we watched two additional video clips about animals used in the modern-day military.
Afterward, we responded to our reading of "Sergeant Chip" (which you can download from Wednesday's post) by answering the following questions USING COMPLETE SENTENCES/PARAGRAPHS (with the possible exception of #2).

1a. Describe Chip's physical appearance in words. 
1b. What breed is he? 
1c. Use a smartphone or a computer to look up pictures of this breed, and sketch a picture of what Chip would have looked like. 
1d. Does this match up with your mental idea of what a military dog would look like? Before looking it up, did you picture Chip like this? Why?

2. Chip describes a training demo in which he unexpectedly saves many lives. During that demo, what things, if any, does he do that a real military dog could do? What things, if any, does he do that seem impossible for a "normal" military dog? (You may want to make a T-chart.) 

Explain how Chip and Dial are able to communicate with one another. (Don't just say "telepathy" -- what technology is allowing this?)
3b. In this story, the military has found a way to communicate with dogs and some sea mammals. If this were real technology, what other helpful applications could it have in our world? Brainstorm at least 3-4, and describe how these uses would benefit the world.

4. What does Dial tell Chip that makes him so happy after the incident in question 2? How does this moment "echo" throughout the story?

5. Explain (in human terms :)) what Morris has done wrong. There are more than one parts to this answer -- be thorough, and use the power of inference to connect the dots.

6. Using clues from the story, where do you think the war is taking place and why? Cite examples from the text as evidence.

7. After Chip gets the civilians to safety, he returns to the battlefield and says he isn't stupid. What has happened, and why does he just stay there for a while? What makes him leave?

8. What promise/order do Chip and the girl make to each other? What is the significance of this?

9a. Chip has trouble with the concept of "forever." Explain why.
9b. Write Chip a short letter to help him understand this concept. Remember who your audience is and what he has experienced.

10. What did you think of this story? What did you like/dislike about it? Did it have any emotional or intellectual impact on you -- and if so, what? Did you make any connections between it and other stories/movies/etc.? Did it have any personal connections for you?


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