Today your typed instructions are due in my digital inbox. Please remember to save the file as Lastname Instructions, and give your instructions a title ("How to Tie Your Shoe").

Once you have submitted your instructions, please engage in some self-directed pre-reading for our first major reading assignment.

Below are several questions related to our first novel. 

Find reliable online resources (there are some "conspiracy theory" style sites out there that deal with these topics -- be wary) to help you answer the questions.

For each question, you will want to cross-check your information by using multiple sources. Formal citation is not required at this time; however, you should write down the URL of each website you use and then put any information you get from it below the URL, so that if necessary you can return to that page for clarification.

Be preparing yourself for a situation in which you might be teaching a small group or the full class about any of these topics.

Wikipedia is an acceptable source, but should not be your only source.

Questions to Research (answer all!)
1. What is the Patriot Act, why was it put into place, and what sort of rights or privileges did it restrict?

2. What are some of the modern-day surveillance techniques currently used or being developed? (Hint: look into biometrics.)

3. What does the term "Big Brother" refer to? How does this apply to the TV show of that name?

4. What is martial law? Has it ever been employed in the United States? How about in Idaho? What is a "police state"?

5. Do we have a constitutional right to privacy (in "real life" and/or online)? What are some of the major privacy-related issues/concerns in today's society?

6. Terrorism isn't necessarily intended to kill people, but rather to instill terror and panic in the victims (hence the name). As the school firewall permits, investigate major acts of terrorism that have occurred in the United States and write down a brief synopsis of each event (including who committed the act, stated goals, and consequences). Don't get dragged down in 9/11 -- look beyond that to less well-known events.

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