Today's Tasks:

1. Choose your topic for this research project by selecting and removing the appropriate card from the board (when directed to do so). If you need to refer to the opinionnaire to remind yourself which topics you found interesting, you can download a copy.

2. Register your choice with Mrs. Baker so that she knows who is doing which topic. NOTE: If you change topics, you must do so from the topics left over after everyone else has chosen, and you must do so this week. Please make sure Mrs. Baker has accurate information about which topic you've chosen.

3. Begin preliminary surface research of your subject. Go online and read EVERYTHING YOU CAN FIND on the subject. If you find a website or article that seems particularly interesting or informative -- that is, something you might want to use as a source for your research -- bookmark it or write down the URL for later. This step of the process should take you the remainder of class.... Don't goof off! Mrs. Baker will find you something to do if you look bored or are off-task!

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