Today you will begin working on creating a final product using your research. You will have today and Friday to work on this in class; it is possible that you will need out-of-class time as well, but if you use your class time well you should be able to get it all done here. In order to do a good job on this project, you should plan on using much of this week to 
  • explore options
  • plan what you want to do
  • execute (put it all together)
  • review and revise (get your peers to check it out)
  • make it perfect and very impressive!

I encourage you to turn in your assignment on April 12. The ABSOLUTE LAST DAY that this can be turned in for credit (NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS) is Tuesday, April 16. After that date, responsibility for the class passes over to Mr. Marquart. He will not be accepting work that was assigned by me, and I will not be grading any work while on maternity leave. If you want credit for this (large) project, make sure that I have it in my hands by or before April 16.

Ready to find out what your final product is? Click here to download the instructions in PDF format.

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