Today's vocabulary word was insidious.

Today we did a reading reflection activity over the first two chapters of Little Brother. The questions are below; please bear in mind that each question warrants a substantial response (in the neighborhood of half a page).

Instructions: Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper, and turn them in when completed. If you do not have time to finish in class, the questions will be made available on the website (along with a link to the digital edition of the novel). Your responses should NOT be single sentences – reply thoughtfully and completely.

1.      How does Marcus’s comment that he’s “one of the most surveilled people in the world” set the tone for the novel? Is the statement true? Compare the school Marcus describes in the opening chapters to your own school, in terms of surveillance, discipline, and student-administrator relationships.

2.      Given what we’ve read so far, in what year or decade do you think Little Brother takes place? What evidence from the reading so far leads you to make this estimate?

3.      Why do Darryl and Marcus leave school in Chapter 2? Is Marcus a “good kid” or a “bad kid” – or can he defined by either of those terms? How might Marcus describe his code of ethics, especially regarding being “surveilled” and his right to circumvent the efforts of his surveyors?

4.      What is Harajuku Fun Madness? Define “Live Action Role Playing” and “Alternate Reality Gaming.” Then, survey/poll at least 20 people about their interest in and/or actual participation in this sort of game (consider level of interest, etc. -- NOT just a yes/no response). Make a table or chart to show this interest.

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