Continue your work from yesterday. You will want to have all of this work completed by the time you come to class on Monday.

There is one addition today. You will save this file in the folder you created last time. The title of the file should be Review

Read ALL FIVE example book reviews: The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, What I Was, Blood Oath, An Abundance of Katherines, and Deadline

You are assigned to do a personal book review in a similar style for your book. Please download the attachment and follow the instructions. 

If you finish with all of your work early, please go through and make sure that:

- all documents (except the Specifications table) are in size 12, of a standard font, and are double-spaced
- all documents are saved with the correct name and in the correct place
- each summary is 195-205 words long, and saved as an individual file
- you have summaries for your entire book

Then, please check your grades and take care of any missing work you see there! We have only one more week before finals!

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