Today we are working on our final drafts of our research papers. You may want to refer to the initial instructions to make sure that you are meeting all requirements. (That link also includes links to resources to help you correctly format your paper and Works Cited sheet). 

Use your rough draft and the notations from your peers to improve your paper. DO NOT JUST TURN IN YOUR ROUGH DRAFT AS A FINAL DRAFT -- papers can always be improved, and even if your peers' suggestions aren't very helpful, you can work to make your paper stronger, more persuasive, and more clearly and effectively written. 

When you feel that your final draft is, in fact, as perfect as it can possibly be, follow these instructions:
  1. Save it to your own drive as "Lastname Final Draft."
  2. Turn your file into a PDF. If you don't know how to do this (it's very easy in Word 2007!) just open this document and follow the instructions. Give it the same file name (it will have a different extension).
  3. Put a copy of BOTH files (the .docx and the .pdf) in Baker's inbox for your class. Make sure that you are keeping a copy for your own access! You will need it next week.

If you finish early, you can place your bet as to when Baby Baker will be delivered by the storks -- see Mrs. Baker for the calendar.

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