Today, your rebuttal is due. Please look up on the board (or on PowerSchools) to see what you are missing so far from this unit. If you have anything missing, your first priority today is to get everything turned in. It's crunch time now -- you don't want to get any further behind!
Please take a moment to check this list for your currently approved book-of-choice. We will not begin reading until later this week; please do not start early, because you will be given specific instructions. 

If you were absent last time, you will see "See Baker" next to your name on that list. You will need to make your requests today. Baker will give you a request form and send you up to her room to browse the pre-approved book cart. You may request books from the regular book shelves as well, but those books may not be approved.

If your name is not up on the board (that is, if you have turned in all four research assignments so far) then please open this document and follow the instructions.


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