You are going to create a resource website for your nonfiction book. You can do this in a variety of ways, depending on your experience/skills and the effort you want to put into it for personalization. Some possible options include:

 - hand-coding a website
 - creating a Google site (or site through another provider, like Yahoo)
 - etc.

While you are encouraged to personalize your website's appearance and make it look as great as you can, the primary purpose behind this assignment is to create a user-friendly website with strong content

Please do each of the following steps:

1. Read the requirements for your website. (If the file won't open, you can access it from my Outbox in the NBoC folder.)

2. Before creating a website, one should always map it out to make sure that it has user-friendly organization. View Mrs. Baker's map that she created for her class website. Then, create your own map. Refer to it while building your site.

3. Consider your options for building your website. If you're thinking about using a WYSIWYG editor, like Weebly or Wix, take a look at those websites and see which one makes the most sense to you and nest meets your needs. (Weebly and Google Sites are very easy to use even if you have no web design experience. I have never used Wix, but I have friends who have used it and liked it.) If you are considering Weebly, you can use my generic "how to" document called Weebly Setup Instructions. There are other options as well, of course -- just make sure it is something we can access from school, that won't cost you any money, and that is simple enough that you can complete this project in two class periods.

4. Begin building your website. IF POSSIBLE, convert Word documents into either PDFs (in the new version of Word, you should be able to select PDF as a Save As option) or RTFs so that they will open in any operating system.

5. Please make sure that your site is published and viewable by the general public by the end of class on Wednesday, December 12. If you finish with time to spare, use that time to customize your site and make it look attractive AS WELL AS being user-friendly. (Remember -- distracting color combinations and fonts are NOT user-friendly!)

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