DUE TODAY: Robot with written explanation, parent signature on syllabus slip

Today we set up our interactive notebooks. This was a multi-step process; if you were absent, please see Mrs. Baker for supplies and instructions.

Our first entry in the interactive notebooks was the vocabulary word ineffable. After a discussion, we each wrote down our own definition for the word, along with a sentence (or drawing, or comic, or diagram, or short story) that would help us remember what the word meant. Please check with a classmate to see how they defined ineffable, and do so yourself (on the left page -- do as your classmates do, or ask for my assistance).

Journal prompt: Why are you in the ITE academy? What are your future career goals? What do you hope to learn/do before graduation?

Today's assignment was to write a set of instructions that someone else could read and follow in order to do something fairly simple. On Wednesday, you will be giving your instructions to someone, and s/he will be following them. You need to bring all necessary supplies/materials as well as the written instructions. DUE WEDNESDAY.

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