Please use today to finish the activity from Wednesday. Remember to read all of the provided articles so that you have a variety of perspectives on this story.

Next week, we will be having a Socratic Seminar/round-table discussion about the issues of privacy, anonymity, conduct, and responsibility in the digital age. Each person will be graded on active participation. You may prepare by considering (and, if you wish, drafting) answers to the following:

What is an appropriate expectation of anonymity in online communities? 

If you use a username/handle online, should you be allowed to completely divorce that identity from your IRL identity?

What are the consequences (positive, negative, or neutral) of allowing people to interact anonymously?

Is there a "code of conduct" for how we should act online? If so, what is it? If not, should there be (and what would it be)?

What is the line between free speech and decency/indecency? 

What is YOUR responsibility, as a digital citizen, for interacting and behaving online?

Do owners and moderators of websites have a responsibility for the material they publish or allow others to publish on their sites? If so, what is it?

In this particular case, what (and whose) rights have been violated? What laws, if any, have been broken, and by whom? What UNWRITTEN laws, if any, have been broken, and by whom?

Did Adrien Chen do the right thing? Why/why not?

Did Michael Brusch receive appropriate consequences for his actions?

We require people to pass a written and a practical test before we allow them to drive. We require people to earn a degree, undergo background checks, and pass an extensive series of tests and interviews before we allow them to be teachers. We require people to be of a certain age before they are allowed to take major life-changing actions, such as joining the military, using tobacco, or getting married. Do you think there should be some sort of requirement for people to participate in online communities? 

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