Today you should be 3/4 of the way done with your book, and should have 3/4 of your chapter summaries completed.

Your letter, assigned last time, is due today.

Today, you are assigned to do the following:

1. Choose an issue (preferably a social issue or controversy) that is related to your book's topic. Ask for help if needed.

2. Devote some time to online research, identifying and saving/bookmarking a number of articles that relate to this issue. (Think in terms of collecting sources for a research project -- look for scholarly work, reliable publications, and opinions from reputable sources.)

3. You should find, read, and save a minimum of 5-6 articles. Do not use Wikipedia, dictionary entries, etc..  Documentary-style videos are also acceptable sources. 

4. Submit (to my email or inbox) a list of the articles you found, including the following:
       - Title of the article
       - URL where found
       - A summary of about 4-5 sentences explaining what this source says about your issue
    Your list of articles should also state the issue you have selected, and needs to have your name in the document.

Please continue to read and do summaries; you should be 7/8 of the way done by Tuesday.

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