Hey guys! Today you have a substitute BECAUSE I AM AT A WORKSHOP and I trust that you'll all be awesome and polite and as mature as possible. :)

Please spend today working on your research presentations. Remember the following things:
  • You need to impress me, and a 30-second video alone isn't going to do that. A short video must be embedded within a more substantial website or another document.
  • Your presentation needs to be ONLINE.
  • In order to get credit for your presentation, you need to EMAIL ME the link. If you put it in my inbox, I can't access it from home and can't grade it. Either the kbaker@nsd131.org or mrsbaker06@gmail.com address should work. I will reply to your email and let you know that I got the link.
  • I need your link no later than Tuesday, April 16. You can send it to me at any time, but make sure you are really ready for it to be graded before you do so.

The other thing is that next Tuesday (the next time we meet) is our party/shindig/hootenanny/fiesta. I, personally, am not planning anything at all that day -- it is up to you. I would love for you to plan to bring in some food, entertainment, whatever for class that day. You are invited to stay for the entire 3B/4B block if you don't have another class. If you need to take a few minutes in class today to make some plans with one another, that would be all right -- just make sure that you are also getting your work done and not being disruptive to those who are still working.


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