Welcome back to school!

Today we went over the syllabus and talked about the course. Please make sure that you and your parent/guardian read the syllabus and fill out the signature slip.

Today's assignment is to introduce yourself by drawing a diagram or illustration of yourself... as a robot. You can use humor and hyperbole to describe your "features," but everything should be representative of yourself (if you include something like laser guns or, in my case, claws, you have to be able to explain why they are symbolically representative of you). See my example (but don't be intimidated by the artwork if you're not artistic -- my sister, who is a professional artist, did it for me! I am a terrible artist and will not mark you down or mock you if you draw like I do). Please have your drawing with labels completed by Thursday.

Note: school ID photos (which are also yearbook photos) will be taken on Thursday during English class.

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