Your travel brochures were due today. If you did not complete your travel brochure or otherwise did not turn it in, please make sure to turn it in by the day of the test or it will have a MAJOR negative effect on your grade!

Today we did not have a vocab word or journal entry.

We began the day by finishing The Odyssey, reading the final section (starting on page 1096). 

Following this, we broke into groups and did a "study station" review. You were encouraged to use your Interactive Notebooks, both to refer to AND to add to, as you rotated around the room. If you were absent, you may come to see Mrs. Baker on your own time to see the study station prompts and ask any questions you might have. Topics for the study stations includedadmirable qualities in Greek culture, Odysseus's vengeance at the end of the story, the significance of The Odyssey, the purpose of archetypes, Campbell's Heroic Cycle, epithets, and the different archetypes within the story. 

YOUR TEST IS NEXT CLASS (Thursday, September 27). Be prepared! 

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