Today's journal entry was Write about a time when you experienced violence. (This could be in real life, or in a movie or book.) What led to the violence? What was the result? Did violence solve any problems, or cause any?

We watched part of the 1978 movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet to refresh our memories of last time's reading, and to help us visualize the scene better. Below you can see the scene that we watched.
Afterward, we continued reading Act I. We finished Act I Scene 1, Act I Scene 2, and Act I Scene 3. If you were absent, I strongly recommend that you use "No Fear Shakespeare" to catch up. This is a very helpful site that puts the original text side-by-side with a contemporary translation. In class, we translated as we went; since you missed that helpful discussion, this website will help you. Use the drop-down menu or click "Next Section" to continue reading.

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