Today's vocabulary word was innocuous and the journal entry was The word “fidelity” is a synonym for loyalty. We see that word in the Marine’s motto, Semper Fidelis, and in a common dog’s name, Fido. What does it mean to be loyal? Why would the Marines choose this for a motto? Why would a dog be named something that means loyalty? Tell about a time when loyalty (yours or someone’s you know) was tested.

We read pages 1078-1084 of The Odyssey today, and then watched some video clips of some of the scenes. 

Following this, each student wrote a summary of the two sections read today; if this was not completed in class, it is homework. For the summary, take a sheet of paper and fold it in half "hamburger" style. Title the front "The Meeting of Father of Son" and the back "The Beggar and the Faithful Dog"; on the bottom halves, write a multiple-sentence summary of that section, and on the top halves, draw a visual summary of the key event of that section. 

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