Today's journal entry was to brainstorm a list of all of the good things in your life -- big, small, significant, silly. A bullet list is fine.

I shared with you six different published pieces that had to do with various elements of thankfulness/gratitude. Please read the following:

"The Act of Giving Thanks" -- about how signficant it can be just to take time to show gratitude

"Pied Beauty" -- about being grateful for the unique and imperfect things in the world, and their special sort of beauty

"Duck Blind Lessons" -- about how important and life-shaping a shared hobby with a parent can be (note that he never says "thankful" or "grateful" in this piece!)

"Dusting" -- about finding something to be grateful about, even when it comes to tedious household chores

"The Strange Blessing That Brought Me Home" -- about how even tragedy can be its own sort of blessing

"The Thankgsivings" -- a prayer of thanksgiving translated from the Iroquois

After reading, I asked you to pick one thing from your brainstorm list -- or perhaps a small collection of related things -- or perhaps something you didn't even think to include -- and use it as the focus of a small piece of personal writing. 

This writing could be a poem (your choice of format, length, etc.), a short personal essay (maximum 300 words recommended), or a letter. You should also choose your audience (famil

I asked you to please write your rough draft in your journal; this is the portion I will be grading. I also provided you with colored paper to make a final draft which you can take home and share over the holiday.

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