Today we took our exam over Homer's Odyssey. If you were absent you will need to schedule a time to make up the test within the next week. I am available after school, during 3A, and during 2B. Lunch is not a long enough time period to complete the test; you will want to allow about an hour.

Below is an extra credit opportunity, for extra points on the exam. It is due on Monday and will not be accepted late.
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Your travel brochures were due today. If you did not complete your travel brochure or otherwise did not turn it in, please make sure to turn it in by the day of the test or it will have a MAJOR negative effect on your grade!

Today we did not have a vocab word or journal entry.

We began the day by finishing The Odyssey, reading the final section (starting on page 1096). 

Following this, we broke into groups and did a "study station" review. You were encouraged to use your Interactive Notebooks, both to refer to AND to add to, as you rotated around the room. If you were absent, you may come to see Mrs. Baker on your own time to see the study station prompts and ask any questions you might have. Topics for the study stations includedadmirable qualities in Greek culture, Odysseus's vengeance at the end of the story, the significance of The Odyssey, the purpose of archetypes, Campbell's Heroic Cycle, epithets, and the different archetypes within the story. 

YOUR TEST IS NEXT CLASS (Thursday, September 27). Be prepared! 
Today's vocab word was inane. There was no journal entry today.

Today we assigned the first half of the Odyssey final assessment. You will be pretending that you own a cruise line and are making a brochure for an Odyssey-themed cruise. The complete requirements are available on the handout you received in class; for an extra copy, download the attachment below.
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Following this, we continued reading starting on page 1085, and read through the climactic battle scene. We will finish the story, with the reunion of Odysseus and Penelope, when we return after the long weekend.
Today's vocabulary word was innocuous and the journal entry was The word “fidelity” is a synonym for loyalty. We see that word in the Marine’s motto, Semper Fidelis, and in a common dog’s name, Fido. What does it mean to be loyal? Why would the Marines choose this for a motto? Why would a dog be named something that means loyalty? Tell about a time when loyalty (yours or someone’s you know) was tested.

We read pages 1078-1084 of The Odyssey today, and then watched some video clips of some of the scenes. 

Following this, each student wrote a summary of the two sections read today; if this was not completed in class, it is homework. For the summary, take a sheet of paper and fold it in half "hamburger" style. Title the front "The Meeting of Father of Son" and the back "The Beggar and the Faithful Dog"; on the bottom halves, write a multiple-sentence summary of that section, and on the top halves, draw a visual summary of the key event of that section. 
Your questions from page 1075 were due today.

Today's vocabulary word is insidious and the journal entry is Consider a time when you met a relative for the first time. How is meeting relatives you don’t know awkward? What expectations do you have for meeting someone new that you have heard about before? Why is it hard to trust a stranger, even when they are your family?

Today we took and corrected a quiz over the first part of The Odyssey.
Your Cyclops comic strip was due today.

Today's vocabulary word was indubitably and the journal prompt was Think of a time when you had to make a difficult decision. Why was the decision difficult? How did you make your decision? Consider what you know about Odysseus. How do you think he will make an important decision based on his previous actions?

We took some notes about archetypes, which you can get by downloading the file here.

Today we read pages 1064-1074 of The Odyssey, regarding Odysseus's adventures with the sirens, Scylla, Charybdis, and the cattle of Helios. We watched a video clip of the Scylla and Charybdis scene, which you watch at the link below.

Your assignment is to answer questions 1-3, 6, 7, 9, and 11 on page 1075. This is due next time.

1. Whom does Homer ask to help him tell the epic?
2. From what war is Odysseus trying to return? What god causes Odysseus to lose course when he sets sail for home?
3. What does Odysseus learn about his destiny from blind Teiresias in the Land of the Dead?
6. What do you think the land of the Lotus Eaters might symbolize? Cite lines from the episode to support your interpretation.
7. What conclusions about the deceptive nature of beauty can you draw from the Circe episode?
9. What qualities does Odysseus embody? For example, is he generous, foolish, or quick-tempered? List three qualities, and give one example from the text that illustrates each.
11. What sort of internal conflict does Odysseus undergo while he is with Calypso? Does this conflict make him seem less heroic? Explain.
Today's journal entry was What characteristics does a civilized society have? What would you consider an uncivil society? What do you think the word savage means and suggests about a person? Why do you think that giants, ogres, and other large mythical creatures are often characterized as ignorant and savage? There was no vocabulary word today.

Today we read two more sections of The Odyssey, from pages 1059-1064, telling the story of Odysseus, his men, and the witch Circe. Following this, we had class time to work on our Cyclops comic strips. For more information about the comic strip, read Wednesday's post (you'll need to download the notes). This is due next class (Tuesday).

Have a great weekend!
Today's vocabulary word was indefatigable; the journal prompt was How do you feel when you get lost…either figuratively or literally? Who do you look to for help? What emotions do you experience when you are lost? Please journal about a time when you have been lost and what happened to you. Please check with a classmate to talk about the vocabulary word.

Following this, we took some notes. You can view the notes here.

As a class, we read pages 1047-1058 of The Odyssey in our textbooks. You can check out a freshman literature textbook from the library, or come into my classroom during lunch or before/after school, to catch up on the reading.

Today we started drawing a six-panel, full-color comic strip related to today's reading. Please see the notes (linked above) for the complete instructions. You will have some in-class time for this on Thursday.

To see the video clip we watched today, watch the below YouTube video starting at 30:00 and stoppnig at about 43:00 (after Odysseus and his men sail away).

    Honors Foundations of Literature Agenda

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