Today was the second day of our final exam. Our agenda items included:

- going over the F451 tests and talking about high school expectations for essay responses

- introducing the CDW chart as an optional outline for your essay (this will be a requirement next semester but is optional for this test)

- listening to the 8th article for your final exam packet, "You Know You're an Adult When..." by John Hockenberry and taking notes

- reading the contents of the final exam packet, highlighting and taking notes in preparation for the final -- outlining and discussing with peers as needed

The final exam will take place next Tuesday (December 18). Remember that you may NOT prepare a draft ahead of time, but that you may bring and use any notes/outlines/etc., as well as the texts and your interactive notebook.
Your F451 final project was due today, as was your extra credit for the F451 test.

We started off class today by sharing our F451 projects.

To do today's journal, you first need to view this slideshow and consider the questions on the dark slides. The journal entry is the second-to-last slide, but PLEASE do not answer it until AFTER you have watched the rest of the slideshow.

Finally, we began talking about the final exam. The final will be an in-class synthesis essay. You can download the instruction page and topic/prompt below. Your sources will be provided for you, and we will work on them next class. 

Please note that you can use a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird on the test; if you need to get a copy, you can check one out from the library. You may also use F451, your textbook, and your interactive notebook.
Instructions and Topic - 1B
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Today we took our exam over F451. If you were absent, you need to schedule a makeup test ASAP.

Remember that your F451 final projects are due on Wednesday.

For up to ten extra credit points on the exam, you can find a significant, "worthy of being on a poster" quotation from F451 -- and make that poster. Just a normal size sheet of paper, or you could go up to an 11x14 sheet. Make it look good (color, graphics, etc.) and suitable for display at the school. Due Wednesday.
Your pre-reading vocab #4 and your Fire piece were due today.

No journal entry today; instead, in our small groups we went over several review questions in preparation for a small test, to be taken next Monday.

Today you were assigned your final project for F451, which is due Wednesday, December 12. If you need an extra copy of the assignment or any of the readings, please see below.
Final Project
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"Nature" by Emerson
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"The Pedestrian"
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Your pre-reading vocab #3 was due today, as are your "Death of the Liberal Arts" pieces.

Today's journal entry was "We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real?"

Each student was provided a copy of "Fire as a Religious Symbol". Read this, and pages 113-120 of F451. Then write a 3-5 paragraph analysis of the way fire is described in F451. You might compare/contrast different ways that fire is used, and what those usages reveal about their cultures; you also might use info from the article and book to explain what Montag means when he says “We never burned right.” You need to include CITED quotations from the book and/or article.

Additionally, you need to finish reading F451 after completing pre-reading vocabulary #4.
Your pre-reading vocab #2 was due today, as are your character visualizations.

Today's journal entry was Defend or refute the idea that ignorance is bliss. Following writing in the journals, we had a class discussion about this notion.

Each student was provided a copy of "The Death of Liberal Arts" and some explanatory notes about what liberal arts were. There is an assignment at the bottom of the article, which is due on Tuesday. When following the instructions, you should know that claim = thesis, data = supporting details, and warrant = explanation or analysis of the data.

Additionally, you need to read Part 2 of F451 (pages 69-110) after doing the pre-reading vocab #3.
Today's journal entry was, American author/philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” He also wrote, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Respond to these quotations. How do they apply to your life/world? How do they apply to F451, so far?

We had a lengthy class discussion about the journal prompt, and then moved into a reading of chapter 1 of Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature. If you were absent, please download it here and read it. (You do not need to do the assignment at the bottom of the page.)

Following this, we had three "to-do" items:

1. Create character visualizations for Montag, Mildred, Clarisse, and the Mechanical Hound. You can draw them or create a magazine collage. Each character visualization should include 2-3 quotes by or about that character, with the page number in parentheses immediately after the quotation. Example: "Here is a quotation" (31). These are due next time.

2. Complete the pre-reading vocabulary for "chunk" 2 of the book.

3. Finish reading Part 1, which ends on page 68.

Today's journal entry was Given the choice, would you rather watch TV or read a book? Why? Do you think that your preference is the same as what the majority of Americans prefer? Do you think it makes a difference (watching TV vs. reading books) to people and/or society? Explain.

In class, we took some notes (see attached) and read a short story called "The Pedestrian"; if you were absent, please make sure that you get these notes and read the story. 

Following this, we completed a pre-reading vocabulary activity (see attached), turned it in, and checked out and began reading Fahrenheit 451. Please read from the beginning to the section break on page 32 AND DO NOT READ AHEAD.
F451 Day 1 Notes
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Preread Vocab Part 1
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Today's journal entry was to brainstorm a list of all of the good things in your life -- big, small, significant, silly. A bullet list is fine.

I shared with you six different published pieces that had to do with various elements of thankfulness/gratitude. Please read the following:

"The Act of Giving Thanks" -- about how signficant it can be just to take time to show gratitude

"Pied Beauty" -- about being grateful for the unique and imperfect things in the world, and their special sort of beauty

"Duck Blind Lessons" -- about how important and life-shaping a shared hobby with a parent can be (note that he never says "thankful" or "grateful" in this piece!)

"Dusting" -- about finding something to be grateful about, even when it comes to tedious household chores

"The Strange Blessing That Brought Me Home" -- about how even tragedy can be its own sort of blessing

"The Thankgsivings" -- a prayer of thanksgiving translated from the Iroquois

After reading, I asked you to pick one thing from your brainstorm list -- or perhaps a small collection of related things -- or perhaps something you didn't even think to include -- and use it as the focus of a small piece of personal writing. 

This writing could be a poem (your choice of format, length, etc.), a short personal essay (maximum 300 words recommended), or a letter. You should also choose your audience (famil

I asked you to please write your rough draft in your journal; this is the portion I will be grading. I also provided you with colored paper to make a final draft which you can take home and share over the holiday.
Today we took our exam over Romeo and Juliet. If you were absent, please schedule a make-up exam BEFORE THANKSGIVING BREAK.

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