Today's vocabulary word was indefatigable; the journal prompt was How do you feel when you get lost…either figuratively or literally? Who do you look to for help? What emotions do you experience when you are lost? Please journal about a time when you have been lost and what happened to you. Please check with a classmate to talk about the vocabulary word.

Following this, we took some notes. You can view the notes here.

As a class, we read pages 1047-1058 of The Odyssey in our textbooks. You can check out a freshman literature textbook from the library, or come into my classroom during lunch or before/after school, to catch up on the reading.

Today we started drawing a six-panel, full-color comic strip related to today's reading. Please see the notes (linked above) for the complete instructions. You will have some in-class time for this on Thursday.

To see the video clip we watched today, watch the below YouTube video starting at 30:00 and stoppnig at about 43:00 (after Odysseus and his men sail away).

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