Today we did three different pre-reading activities in preparation for reading Romeo and Juliet.

The first activity was to take a survey (opinionnaire) about your thoughts on love, loyalty, and revenge. If you were absent, you can get a copy of the survey below. Fill it out, bring it in, and paste it into your interactive notebook as if it were a journal entry.

The second activity was to play with the language of Romeo and Juliet by trying to reassemble the separated lines of its Prologue, using what you know about poetry, sentence structure, and logical order. This was a team "game" with prizes for the first to successfully complete the task. If you were absent, you need to acquaint yourself with the Prologue by downloading the appropriate file below. In between the lines, using your best intelligent guess, try to rewrite the Prologue in modern English and/or explain what is being said. 

The third activity was the continuation of the Shakespearean Insults. We each built a Shakespearean insult and then used it to create either a sign or a greeting card featuring that insult. If you were absent, please see me for materials and further instructions. This is due when you return from the long weekend.
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